Nowadays, I See My College Classmates More Often At Weddings

2019 marks the 10 year anniversary of my graduation from college.

Joshua Poh


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I never really thought about keeping in touch with classmates.

Whether it was bonding over the shared adversity of the undone assignment due the next morning or swapping strategies for tests, common topics were simple to find.

This ease of connecting extended beyond academics.

Bitching over weird classmates, exchanging notes about cute girls (or boys) in the 2nd-period math class, covertly eying said cute girl from the back or even sharing intel on latest music trends — building common ground with your clique was straightforward.

Until, you move on from the shared history of the college classroom into the untamed wilderness of the working world.

You then discover that friends who you knew to be a permanent fixture in your life drift apart and change.

Weddings are now opportunities for an impromptu college reunion.

As I approach the tail-end of my twenties, I see my college cliques more often at weddings.

It’s funny how meeting your college friends transports you back to the person you were 10 years ago. You even start talking like you’re the wide-eyed, impressionable teenager you were.

It all seems so familiar, yet remarkably different.

Instead of discussing favorite teachers and school assignments, we now find fault with incompetent colleagues.

We compare work situations.

We graduate from navigating the twists and turns of the awkward teenage years to ‘adulting’ — paying taxes, making plans for the future with your lifelong partner or traversing the murky waters of dating in a rapidly shrinking pool of ‘eligible candidates’.

At the back of your head, you realise how much each of you has changed, but somehow still manage to think of each other as back in college at least for a fleeting moment.

Having not seen each other in years, you resort to pleasantries and small talk:

“What are you up to…



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